Concord Sonata

Sonata No.2 “Concord Mass., 1840-1860” (1909-1915) by Charles Ives (1874-1954)
I. “Emerson” (15:44)
II. “Hawthorne” (13:40)
III. “The Alcotts” (5:48)
IV. “Thoreau” (10:18)

“Even before I came to the States, my image of America was shaped by reading Four Women by Louise May Alcott,  The Scarlet Letter and The House of The Seven Gables by Hawthorne. I also discovered Emerson’s Diary and Thoreau’s Walden. Later when I first heard Charles Ives’ Sonata No.2 “Concord Mass., 1840-1860”, I felt compelled to play the piece. That was precisely the time when I started living in the States permanently. I needed something which might help me to feel more rooted to this land. This piece has served as a bridge between my life in Japan and America.” – Chie Sato Roden

Chie Sato Roden’s solo recording of Charles Ives’ Piano Sonata No. 2 “Concord Mass., 1840-1860” was recorded in 1988 at Nova Hall and was released on Kojima Recordings, Tokyo.

This work, written between 1909 and 1915 contains four movements: I. Emerson; II. Hawthorne; III. The Alcotts; and IV. Thoreau.

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Charles Ives: Sonata No.2