Chie’s CD “Windows” features selected piano works by contemporary Japanese composers:

1. Shigenobu Nakamura (1950~) WHITE (1983) [9’16”]

2. Junko Mori (1948~) IMAGERY (1987) [7’58]

3. Motohiko Adachi (1940~) PER PIANOFORTE (1969~1972) [25’28”]
I. Accordo: II. Ostinato; III. Monodia

4. Toshiya Sukegawa (1930~) LANDSCAPE (1982) [8’55”]

5. Yoko Kurimoto (1951~) WINDOWS (1986) [9’45”]

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Sigenobu Nakamura: White - Junko Mori: Imagery - Motohiko Adachi: Per Pianoforte - Toshiya Sukegawa: Landscape - Yoko Kurimoto: Windows - Chie Sato Roden

“My CD Windows is a collection piano solo works by Japanese composers. I chose these composers because they have established their own unique musical idioms which suggest a sensitivity to Japanese culture in various ways. White by Nakamura employs only the white keys of the piano and produces a clear and delicate sound. Imagery reflects deep emotions of the women composer, Mori. Per Piano was composed by the composer, Adachi, with his love of jazz idioms and Japan’s native music. Sukegawa’s Landscape, inspired by Chinese-style ink painting, embellishes monotone images with simple melodies ornamented by arpeggios and tremolos. Windows, commissioned by Roden, is composed by Kurimoto. I was attracted by the comical and witty quality in her works. The composition consists of four pieces which emphasize contrasts between Japanese and American sounds, aligned and non-aligned notes, and long and short passages.”  – Chie Sato Roden