Piano duo with Salvatore Moltisanti

In addition to her solo performance career, Roden has started a collaboration with the Italian pianist, Salvatore Moltisanti. Along with an assortment of contemporary solo works, the recitals with Moltisanti have featured performances of George Crumb’s piano four-hand masterpiece, “Makrokosmos IV.” A performance of the latter piece at the Opera City Recital Hall in Tokyo on May 30, 2000, drew these words of praise from the music critic Kyoko Michishita, “The superb performance by these two pianists was simply unforgettable.” On May 11th, 2002 at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Moltisanti and Roden performed both Makrokosmos 1 and IV.” For this occasion, the New York Times music critic, Anne Midgette, wrote enthusiastically about Roden’s “firm, clear, open approach” and Moltisanti’s “soft touch and bearing of a romantic virtuoso.” In Midgette’s view “the pairing worked well,” and she was particularly moved when one young member of the audience, “caught up in the moment, leapt to his feet with a look of pure delight.”

On May 28th 2003 Moltisanti and Roden again gave a joint recital, each played some pieces from Olivier Messian’s “Vingt Regards Sur L’Enfant-Jesus.” Roden’s performance of a piece from from this monumental work impressed Giovanni Pasqual in a concert organized by the Lyceum of Catania, Italy. “In conclusione è intervenuta anche la pianista Chie Sato Roden, anch’essa distiGntasi all’Ibla Grand Prize eseguendo con squisita eleganza e magistrale grazia fonica e timbrica il pezzo Bacio per il bambin Gesù dai Venti sguardi sul Bambin Gesù di Oliver Messiaen.” Nuovo Abruzzo Press, March 24, 2004.

New York Times Review, May 14, 2002 by Anne Midgette